We got a nice size whole chicken and although we were feeling pretty hungry for dinner last night, my desire for pulled / shredded chicken overcame the hunger. So Jessica snacked on some kiwi while I started prepping. While I desired shredded chicken, Jessica was feeling some dill.

Southern flavors inspired this dish, so trinity aromatics were used instead of the classic mirepoix. Everything was a bit rushed, so I didn’t get the exact recipe. Generally, I broke up the chicken into parts, removing most of the skin, and browned them in some vegetable oil in a dutch oven. Then I removed the chicken and started softening two large carrots, chopped into large sticks, 1 large green onion, 1 large yellow onion, both roughly chopped with some kosher salt, black pepper, and a bit of red pepper flakes. Those cooked about 10 minutes.

Then 3 smashed garlic cloves, all the chicken, 1 cup of shiraz red wine, and 8 oz of tomato sauce were added to the put. The goal was to get a good braise going. These cooked about 30 minutes. Then the chicken was flipped, and half a lemon, cut into a few pieces, plus a huge bunch of dill (rinsed and roughly chopped) were tossed in.

Shredded Stewed Chicken

Altogether the chicken cooked about 75 minutes, until the carrots were tender, and all the meat was cooked. Jessica and I then removed the chicken parts and pulled the meat apart with forks. Meanwhile, I pulled all the dill and green peppers out of the pot, plus about half the carrots. Then with a stick blender and a bit of water (to achieve the right consistency) I blended the sauce. Afterwards the chicken was tossed back in and coated.

shredded chicken sandwiches 2

The flavor was amazing! The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the sauce achieved natural sweetness from the carrots and onions. The dill flavor worked perfectly with the tomato and subtle lemon flavor. We ate the shredded meat on the mini-buns we discussed in the sliders post.

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