For our last breakfast in Chicago, our plan was to go to Pasticerria Natalina, but alas, they were closed. A bakery not open before 12 noon? What’s up with that? We were starving and headed to my list of back-ups and decided on Toast Two Toast Two. We loved their signage, and the inside is lined with toasters.


Compared to most of our experiences in Chicago, it took quite a bit longer to get our food, but once we ate, the complaints were gone. Lon ordered the Chilequiles, recommended by our waitress. The plate of rice, tortillas, salsa verde, chihuahua cheese, over-easy egg, and avocado, was a distinct breakfast. Each component was packed with flavor, so rich and savory that it gave this vegetarian plate a meaty feel.

Lon had to add meat to his meal (because he’s Lon) so we got a side of Apple Chicken Sausages stuffed with Gouda. We didn’t taste much gouda but they were still tasty. The skins got a bit tough to chew, but we still polished them off.

chicken sausage

I ordered the irresistible Pancake Orgy: a cinnamon apple, a lemon poppy, and a banana pecan, topped with raspberry granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit. These were thick but fluffy soft pancakes, with very light flavors and light sweetness. I could have done without the granola which makes your mouth drier, but the yogurt was inspiring. I’ll be pouring yogurt on my pancakes at home. I always love variety and having three wonderful but different pancakes is just so awesome! I couldn’t even pick a favorite.
pancake orgy

We left extremely full, feeling lucky that we got in before the line formed outside. We would definitely be back if we lived in Chicago.
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