I’m so honored that I won the contest on Manger La Ville, a great blog by Abby, a culinary school student who’s living in New York and comes from San Francisco. Can life be better than getting to live/eat in two great cities?

What did I win? The “Tartine” cookbook! I’m so excited because I went to Tartine when I was in SF and we loved it. The first thing I did, was look for their fabulous Morning Bun, but they didn’t give out that secret. =( The cookbook is full of wonderful photos and I love when baking recipes have volume and weight measurements.

I was dying to make something from this book, but we’re leaving for Chicago on Thursday so I’m trying not to buy any perishables. I settled on Shortbread, a simple yet sophisticated cookie. This recipe is the best shortbread recipe ever! It is so delicate, crumbling in your fingers if you’re not gentle. They melt in your mouth: buttery and dangerously addictive.

shortbread cookies3 shortbread cookies2
Shortbread cookies1 shortbread cookies
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