Jessica and I are both not feeling great. I stayed home from work and she is trying to relax — her triathalon is this weekend! After being couped up inside all day, we took Ice for a walk and headed down Fifth Ave. We ended up circling half way around Washington Square Park when we ran into “the dosa man”, more formerly known as N.Y. Dosas N.Y. Dosas.

After hearing so many wonderful things about this street cart that only sells vegetarian Indian choices, we had to pick up a snack. We asked for his suggestions and we got the Special Pondicherry Dosa and a Samosa. We found a bench, sat with Ice, and starting munching.

Honestly… it just wasn’t that great. Nothing wrong here, fairly fresh dosa (a crepe of rice and lentil) filled with raw, fresh veggies (onions, carrots, peppers, etc.) and lightly curried potatoes. The vegetables were crisp and enjoyable, but basically this was a tiny salad in a crepe. The sauce he recommended didn’t add much flavor. And for $6 this is no steal. It does include a small cup of soup, but we both agreed its spice overwhelmed its mediocre taste and we didn’t finish it.

The samosa was a different story. It was as good as any vegetarian samosa we’d ever had. It was so NOT oily, it almost tasted baked. The included mint chutney was a nice refreshing taste (almost like it had cucumbers in it), and we felt it was a perfect snack for those NYU students looking for a quick fix between classes. Especially since they were 2 for $3. Ours was $1.75 (since we only bought one). While we waited for our dosa, everyone else who stopped by the stand seemed to already know the score, since they all only bought the samosas.

We probably won’t be back, but if we do, we’ll know the score too and stick to the samosas.

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