Men Kui Tei Men Kui Tei is hidden in a row of restaurants and their name is not displayed, at least not in English. It’s a shabby looking place, only a drop above the description of whole-in-the-wall, not the kind of place for a first date. When places like this are cheap and have great food, they gain a special place in my heart, but this place just didn’t meet that mark. I had the Tan Tan Ramen, which is the Shoyu Ramen with Spicy Ground Pork, but it wasn’t spicy (given as part of the description) and more importantly, the noodles were like any you could buy in a Chinese supermarket. It was otherwise pretty enjoyable, but not very memorable.

Tan Tan Ramen

My friend Chrissy had the Miso Ramen, which she thought was too salty. She seemed even less pleased with her bowl of ramen. In the end, $8 or $9 is not that cheap, but reasonable, so it’s one of those places to go to if you’re in that neighborhood. Don’t make a special trip though.
Miso Ramen.jpg
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