We’ve been to Jade Asian Restaurant several times for dim sum, but hadn’t tried dinner there yet. My mom and her friends, the most social group of 60+ year olds, reserved three tables for her birthday last night and then reserved tables at a dance hall for afterwards. Geez, I think I usually get to bed before my mom.

Lon and I were the first to arrive, 10 minutes early, while everyone else was late due to rain. Good thing they had peanuts and pickled veggies on the table (common for Cantonese restaurants).

peanuts pickled vegetables

We started with a Beef and Cilantro Egg Drop, which I realized, my family orders almost every time we’re at a Cantonese restaurant. This one was pretty standard, same as always. I guess it’s a safe soup to order.
Beef Egg Drop

After just three bites of my soup, all the other dishes came flying on. I don’t even remember the order. The Beef and Vermicelli Casserole was pretty interesting. There was little bits of pineapple and some sliced green pepper, the beef was tender, and the sauce was nice on rice.
Beef Vermicelli Casserole

The Garlic Crispy Skin Chicken had really crispy skin, super thin and not at all oily. The meat was juicy, even the white meat.

The Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice was fluffy and full of flavor, but that was the end of good dishes until the fish came at the end.
Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice

The Shrimp and Cashew dish didn’t have much flavor and none of the shrimp were cleaned. The black lines stared everyone in the face and the dish didn’t get finished.
Shrimp Cashew and Veg

The Seafood on Fried Egg Noodles had a few problems too. Most of the seafood was rubbery and the sauce had too much corn starch.

Seafood on Fried Egg Noodles

The Pepper Fried Pork was the worst. Several pieces were just battered pieces of fat with no meat at all. We were so appaled and 3/4 of that dish just sat there uneaten.
Pepper Pork

The Fish Belly was fresh and tender, with large chunks of garlic, and chopped scallions.

Fish Belly

Besides half of the dishes being below standard, all of them came at the same time (except for the fish). I’m a fast eater but this was ridiculous and not at all enjoyable. I couldn’t get to most of the dishes before they got cold.

Ending with a plate of fruit and an average Red Bean and Tapioca Dessert Soup, I felt disappointed. This wasn’t on par with Flushing food, and not worth a trip out there. I’d still recommend Jade Asian Restaurant for Dim Sum, but don’t go for dinner.

Red Bean and Tapioca Dessert Soup
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