We waited on a 40 minute (roughly) line to eat at Hot Doug’s Hot Doug’s, a kitschy place with a pretty impressive menu. Doug’s offers lots of different meats (one vegetarian dog) and several toppings and a wide range of prices. Of course we wanted to try the Chicago-style Dog with “everything” (pickle, relish, mustard, tomato, caramelized onions). We didn’t realize that the relish (you can see a bit on the right side) would be radioactive green, which means food coloring, so I couldn’t eat it. I took a bite from the other side though and I wasn’t missing much. Other than the poppy seed bun being really soft and fluffy, the rest was just very regular. Lon didn’t think this was a good representation of Chicago dogs.

Chicago Style Dog

We also ordered The Marty Allen, made of beef, pork, and garlic, and your choice of toppings. This one was pretty tasty (it was Lon’s favorite), tasting as described, but not something I’d wait 40 minutes for again.
Hot Doug's Menu The Marty Allen

The Bagel Dogs were terrible, wrapped in chewy, flavorless dough. The taters were good though.

Bagel Dogs

My favorite was the Three Chili Wild Boar Sausage. The chilis were stuffed with creamy dip-like stuff, sitting in some type of remoulade, and the meat was extra flavorful pork.

Three Chili Wild Boar Sausage

The Duck Fat Fries were sadly nothing special, not even that great for regular fries. Only a few pieces were crispy.

Duck Fat Fries

With two drinks, this meal was $21, not bad, but not great. It certainly doesn’t deserve the line that moves rather slowly.
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