Beets and Goat Cheese are one of those matches made in heaven, and therefore show up in salads quite often. You can make it even more orgasmic but adding mandarin oranges (canned) and honey covered walnuts. I don’t like writing recipes for salads ( I do for dressing though) because the amounts don’t need to be so exact. If you really love one ingredient, you can put more.

Here, I microwaved beets (method explained here), peeled and sliced them after they cooled. Sandwich some goat cheese in between each layer. This is just for presentation so if you are pressed for time, just throw the ingredients together.

Beet Goat Cheese Walnut

Just plate some mixed greens, place the beet and goat cheese on top. Toss on some madarin oranges (from a can) and honey covered walnuts. Season and drizzle with a thick and syrupy balsamic and the best olive oil you can find. Lon is not a fan of goat cheese, and could live without beets, but he loved this salad and asked me to make it again soon. It’s also a great salad for company because it’s undeniably beautiful. (It’s almost our wedding colors.)
Beet Goat Cheese Salad
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