This weekend, we were out in Long Island, so I got to stop in at Target. I’ve never had their own grocery brand, Archer Farms, before but my first experience was a good one. The Multigrain Cereal with Yogurt Cranberries is a blend of wheat, kamut, millet, brown rice, and oats. What’s kamut? We didn’t know either, but we looked it up and it’s a type of wheat that doesn’t even have a botanical classification yet. It was only registered as a plant variety 18 years ago. Ok, we’re pretty geeky for thinking this is cool but it does taste good.

The cereal is very lightly sweetened, airy and nutty, vaguely resembling Kashi cereals. The natural flavor (it is all natural) of a blend of grains contrasts nicely to tangy yogurt cranberries, and it gets pretty addictive.

Multigrain with yogurt cranberries

On a side note, the packaging is also quite clever. There is no seperate plastic bag inside (which reduces some waste) and the flip cap is easy to re-close.
clever cap
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