My friend, Lily, brought some rather interesting treats back from China for me: packaged meats? They were all individually vacuum sealed, making me wonder if people in China brought these with them as snacks. You could easily toss one in your purse. It could even fit in your pocket.

Lon was only willing to try the chicken drummette, which was jerky-like and mostly skin with just a bit of meat. It tasted very artificial, only mildly chicken flavored, and a little like candy.

Chicken Drummette.jpg

Lon left the feet to me, all skin, no meat. The chicken feet came with some spicy stuff and was again, only mildly chicken flavored. The texture was pretty gelatinous.
packaged chicken feet.jpg chicken feet.jpg

The duck feet was a little better but still gelatinous and still not good enough to eat. I really only nibbled a few bits off each one and I’d never eat any again but it was definitely an interesting experience.
packaged duck feet.jpg duck feet.jpg
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