We’ve talked about yogurts a few times: Wallaby Organic Yogurt, Siggi’s Skyr, and my all time favorite, Fage 2% yogurt. On Friday night, we were at Trader Joe’s and noticed that they had their own line of yogurts. No big surprise but it hadn’t occurred to me to go look for it.

TJ Lowfat Rasp yogurt.jpg TJ Greek Style Yogurt - blueberry.jpg

I tried Trader Joe’s Organic Lowfat Raspberry Yogurt ($0.89) and their Greek Style Nonfat Yogurt in blueberry ($1.19). Both were really good and natural tasting, with a clear yogurt flavor. I couldn’t even tell that the blueberry yogurt was non-fat and it was very thick, just the way I like it. The Raspberry one was a bit looser but still thicker than the standard American kind and I thoroughly enjoyed both. At these prices, I’ll definitely be buying them again, and I’ll need to get a plain yogurt next time (they were out) to compare to Fage.

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