Kasi and I stopped in at Tal Bagels Tal Bagels for coffee and a snack. We didn’t have bagels though, after noticing this Cheese Pie. Remember the Spinach one I had in Greece?

cheese pie

This one wasn’t quite as good, mainly because the cheese inside was still cold, while the top was a bit burnt. Still, buttery flaky pastry filled with cheese is always good.
inside cheese pie

I recommend buying one, but bringing it home to heat yourself. They are stored in a refrigerated case and they probably heat it in a toaster. It really needs to be heated in an oven for a longer time, at a lower temperature.

On a side note, the service is very friendly but I’m pretty sure I got a regular coffee even though I asked for decaf. Also, Lon remembers there bagels being pretty good, but hasn’t been there in at least two years.

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