Can you believe it? The 19th visit to Sushi Yasuda marks the first time we did not try a new piece of fish that we had never had before. I’m pretty sure we will still be educated on new pieces in the future, but this visit, I got to concentrate on asking for some notable pieces that I was dying to have again. I do get Peace Passage Oyster every single time I go. It is my absolute favorite piece, without a doubt. You have to try it! I also get orange clam on most weeks but I had been thinking about Sawani, the white sea eel, which I had missed. It is my favorite of their 5 different eel offerings. Lon also loves the salmon skin hand roll, and we both wanted the fatty tuna cheek, but they were out of it. We’ll have to remember that for next week.

Kohada and Archtic Char

Although we didn’t technically try new fish, some things were new experiences. The Archtic Char (right side) piece you see is a lot lighter in color than other pieces I’ve had (that look much more like salmon). The peach color was beautiful and I also enjoyed the flavor of this one more than my previous experiences with archtic char.

This evening (which was last night), the Spanish Mackerel also seemed different, a lot softer, and a lot fattier, although the general flavor was familiar. I asked Chef Tomura why it was so different and he said every fish is different. He inquired to make sure I was happy with it, which I certainly was – fatty Spanish mackerel? Yum! His simple explanation makes a lot of sense, and makes me feel less bad that I still can’t visually identify certain pieces yet (especially between white fishes).

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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