Can you believe it’s been 3 weeks since the last visit to Sushi Yasuda. How ever did I live through that? I don’t know, but we did made sure to make reservations for next week on our way out. I wonder if Chef Tomura has gotten more popular because of our blog because it has gotten harder to get reservations with him.

Well, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and as Lon, Sara, and I sat there enjoying the sushi, we oo’d and aah’d over and over again. Everything was fresh and delicious. We did get two new pieces. First, scorpian fish. I’m sorry I forgot my camera but it looks just like any other white fish, but has a better texture than most, a bit more firm, yet no problem to bite through. We finally got Coho Salmon, which was so flavorful and melts into your mouth. Yum! Oh, and a bright, almost electric orange color.

If you haven’t tried Sushi Yasuda yet, you are totally missing out!

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