I’ve been to Zeytuna before, but this was my first time sitting on the cafe side, with service and a full menu. My friend Anthony and I thought the prices were quite reasonable considering the outdoor seating in such a location Zeytuna. It was a bright and sunny day, and the umbrellas over the cafe were red, creating a red hue in all my pictures.

I was surprised by the generous bread and olive offering. I guess it’s because I didn’t think of this as a real cafe because it’s connected to a market, but it pretty much is. I had some focaccia which was a bit dry. Oh well.

Zeytinia Table Bread

My Sirloin burger was quite good though, huge with a wonderful sesame bun, cooked to medium rare (because I asked for rare). The patty was flattened, which is not my preference ( I like thick burgers), but it was very tasty meat. The sweet potato fries were soggy, soggy, soggy, but you get a choice of those, fries, or onion rings.
Zeytinia Cheeseburger

Anthony had Bowtie Pasta Primavera, which he thought was very good.

Zeytinia Primavera

Overall, it’s simple food, nothing mind blowing, but the ingredients are ultra fresh. Zetuna is an enjoyable place to have lunch, and definitely a good place to know when you compare it to the usual dumps in the area. (I call the financial district, the black hole of food in NY.)
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