Honey Habanero Grilling Sauce

I was out all yesterday afternoon, looking at apartments (yes, still looking), so dinner had to be simple. Luckily, we had this Braswell’s Select Honey Habanero Grilling Sauce from Lon’s birthday basket. It only took a few minutes to skewer up some pork kebabs, drenched in the grilling sauce, and stick them on the grill.

pork kebabs

We had the kebabs with pita, roasted plantains, and some salad. It was a simple yet delicious dinner. As for the Honey Habanero Grilling Sauce, it was really just a mild barbecue sauce, nothing special. Neither of us could taste the habanero and when we looked at the ingredients, it was the second to last listed. While I don’t recommend this one, having a good barbecue or grilling sauce on hand does make dinner super easy.
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