Lon has made it clear to his family, never to buy him a present unless it’s edible. He hates clutter and is particular about clothing. He generally just wants to prevent his family from wasting money on stuff he’ll likely throw away. This year, his mom and brother put together a basket of interesting foods so we’re kicking it off with two items:

Elsa’s Story, Crisp Baked Crackers, Garlic Flavored

Elsa's Baked Crackers

These were crisp but also dry, despretely calling for a dip. The garlic presence was weak and we were generally unimpressed.

Efferve, Pomegranate Blueberry Sparkling Lemonade


This cool bottle was well carbonated, popping like champagne when we first opened it. The all natural flavor was a nice balance between sweet and tart, mostly pomegranate and blueberry, no noticeable lemon. It’s a nice non-alcoholic option for celebrations.

There’s a lot more in this basket…

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