I saw Haw Flakes in a Chinese market on Monday and I was instantly brought back to childhood. These were the candies I ate and shared with friends, while playing jump rope and tag in the school yard. I’d often have a little package or two stuck in my pockets, sometimes melting into a gooey mess during hot summer days. How could I have forgotten about Haw Flakes?

Haw Flakes2 Haw flakes

Looking at it now, it’s funny, I had no idea what Haw was (fruit of Chinese Hawthorn) bit I still loved these candies. The dry little discs might seem weird, like dehydrated fruit roll-ups, punched out into circles, that almost look like cardboard. If you just give it a shot, they’ll start to melt into your tongue, giving off more and more flavor, kind of like tangy berries. If you bite them, they tend to stick between your teeth. I love it, maybe more for nostalgic reasons. Sadly, I can’t really eat them anymore (because I’m allergic to artificial food coloring) and Lon wasn’t thrilled with it, but I still recommend trying them.

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