I asked Lily to meet me at Da Bhang Cafe Da Bhang Cafe after reading some rave reviews on Yelp. After placing our order, we decided to sit outside, where they have two 2-seaters. It was just too dark inside for the bright and beautiful summer day. (Am I the only person who doesn’t enjoy cafes and restaurants in darkness?)

So, their low-fat frozen yogurt gets points for being organic but it was still more like a yogurt flavored icy. It isn’t at all creamy, closest to Red Mango, so if you like that…

Organic lowfat fro-yo

We liked the Green Tea Bing Soo (Korean Shaved Ice) more. The green tea ice cream, red beans, and condensed milk made a nice combination but we both thought the ice granules were just a bit large, requiring a bit too much effort for crunching. Ultimately, it just wasn’t worth the steep $8. Remember the Shaved Ice, I just got in Flushing? That was $3.75. Even factoring in Manhattan, good English speaking service, and a nicer bowl, I’m not convinced this is worth 8 bucks.

Green Tea Soo bing

There’s a lot more on their menu, ranging from Korean dishes to American-style lunches, waffles, and smoothies. I haven’t had enough items to really judge but I’m not sure they excited me enough to come back, when there’s just so many places to try.
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