What were you doing yesterday (Saturday) at 6:15am? I hope sleeping… because the alternative is, well, um, not sleeping. And that’s what we were doing. In fact, we were driving down to Coney Island, so Jessica could jump in the water with other Team in Training Triathalon Trainees (plus coaches, lifeguards, and others). Me and Ice (our dog) went with Jessica to cheer her on. Ice also joined in on half of the 45 minute run after the swim.

Kosher Grilled Hot Dog Machine

While Jessica was in the water, Ice played catch with me in the parking lot (dogs aren’t allowed off leash on the boardwalk). I noticed a few interesting vending machines in that lot Stillwell Ave Boardwalk Entrance. One of them was a machine that purported to make “fresh grilled” hot dogs fast. And humorously, had a notice that the company Hot Nosh was open “24/6” (the one missing is Shabbas), but then below said “Any time. Anywhere.” Anyway, my attention wasn’t so much on the inconsistency as the idea of getting a vending machine grilled hot dog. But for $3? Eh, it just wasn’t worth it, I passed. Jessica was pleased with that news.

Everything was closed when we got there, but around 10am, when we were getting ready to leave, some stores were opening, most importantly the well known Nathan’s Original Hot Dog stand Nathan’s Original. It was early in the day, but how often do I get down to Coney Island? I had to have one, it had been years. I ran in and found half her training team in there! Health? Pshha.. Anyway, the line moved quickly, and I ordered a “Regular Hot Dog” (which is the simplest thing they have), and found it was…….. $3.00!!! Jeez. I should’ve given that vending machine a shot!

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog

It was a decent tasting hot dog, the meat was mediocre, while the casing was good and crisp, bursting with each bite. However, the bun, while grilled, was way too big for the skinny hot dog. It was roughly the size of three pencils taped together. I felt like I could eat 59.5 of these in 12 minutes! It is WAY not worth the money, even for history.

I also ordered Cheese Fries for Jessica (she loves cheese fries). But it didn’t occur to me that they would use the crappy “cheeze” sauce, which is basically oil and yellow #5, Jessica is allergic to food coloring. She ate some anyway, and in the end it didn’t matter. We both felt the fries were mushy and wet from cheese. There wasn’t a hint of crispness that one hopes for in a french fry. These were more of baked potato wedges with cheese. The up-side was that they weren’t at all greasy, as expected.

Nathan's Famous Cheese Fries

While the hot dog was way over-priced, the fries were a good price for the huge order. Across the street from Nathan’s was a Chicago-based hot dog stand. We will be heading back to Coney Island in two weeks for more training, Jessica for more swimming, and me for more eating. Hopefully the Chicago stand will be open.

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