Beets are mostly commonly seen in that deep red color that’s very sexy. You’ve probably encountered the golden ones too, a pretty and cheery yellow. Have you seen the Chioggia Beets? From the outside, they look just like other beets, but a lighter red.

Chioggia Beets

On the inside, they are red and white, sometimes with a splash of orange, varying from one to another in terms of color and pattern. Isn’t nature just beautiful?

Chioggia Beets2 Chioggia Beets3
Chioggia Beets1 Chioggia Beets 4

You can use them like any other beets and they taste the same. For Chioggia beets, I like to slice them so the pattern shows. Here’s part of my lunch yesterday, yellow tomatoes on the bottom, sliced cucumbers in the middle, Chioggia Beets on top, garnished with roasted yellow peppers. These fresh farmer’s market ingredients only need some salt, pepper, and a drizzling of balsamic and olive oil. MMMmmm…the taste of summer.

Tomato Cucumber Beet salad2
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