This tiny unlabeled (well the door is labeled but not the awning) coffee spot called Abraco Abraco had a mini line going on Sunday morning. It reminded me a little bit of Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in San Francisco, with the little counter outside, already filled with people standing around, enjoying their coffees and frittatas (which looked really good, mental note for next time). Even the clientèle made it feel more like SF, with several white guy/Asian girl couples (including Lon and myself).


As for the Iced Coffee, it was intriguing. It was a little more acidic than my usual preference but for some reason, it really really worked here. The flavor was robust and lively, and the acidity played nicely against the cream, making me rather addicted to it. Ok, I’m going to venture to say it’s the best Ice Coffee in NYC.

Abraco Iced Coffee

The Olive Oil Cake, which I think they are known for, was very good, very moist, and goes nicely with coffee. I don’t know if I think it’s good enough to be known for though.

Olive Oil Cake

My Iced Coffee (smaller than most) and slice of Olive Oil Cake came out to $6.50, which is rather expensive, but worth it. The friendly service moves along at a good pace and I always believe in paying more for better stuff. Deservedly, most of the patrons seemed to be regulars, either recognized by the owner, or kindly recommending their favorites to me. I would easily become a regular too if it were closer to me…hint hint.
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