We’ve been hearing about Yuka Yuka lately, people raving about the amazingly cheap and fresh sushi, legends about the long lines. We had to see for ourselves, but chose to go for an early dinner at 6PM on a Sunday to avoid too much of a wait (about 5 minutes).

The All-You-Can-Eat at $18.95, which Lon ordered, is not the way to go here. You’ll just end up eating lots and lots of rice, not very good rice at that. Two of Lon’s nigiri pieces had fish the size of my thumbnail (I have small hands by the way). Lon asked the waitress if the fish was always like this, hoping this was a mistake, and she smiled and said yes.

Aside from the AYCE scam, it can be a very good bargain. My Sashimi regular was only $12.50, the fish were very fresh, and I was reasonably full. Therefore, I can understand the popularity of this place, but in the end, it’s not for me and Lon. Beyond the freshness of the fish, we really want it to be cut correctly. At the very least, that means not chewing on tendons, at the extreme, it transforms the feel of the fish in your mouth. Here, it’s just fat slabs. Next, I’m not at all interested in very lean tuna, which this plate was full of. Different parts of the fish are not created equal. Then to be more nit-picky, the shredded daikon was old and fibrous, again the rice is below mediocre, the tea here is watered down.

We ended the meal with Deep Fried Ice Cream, which only comes in green tea. It was standard. Do I still think you’ll get your money’s worth? Aside from the AYCE, absolutely. It’s super cheap! Whether you should go just depends on how picky you are.

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