You may have noticed that we missed Sushi Yasuda last week. We tried to make reservations and it was too late. Our Chef Mitsuru was all boooked. We learned our lesson and made reservations for next week before leaving the restaurant today. I apologize for terrible pictures. I only brought the point-and-shoot because there was a thunderstorm forecast.

We loved the Sanma (Saury), lightly pickled, reminding me just a bit of pickled Herring. The flesh of this fish is so unbelievably tender and juicy.


Kochi, more flavorful than others in the whitefish family, was not our favorite because of a tendon running through.


My last piece was very interesting, described to me as the robe of the scallop, literally the piece surrounding the scallop that is usually cut off and discarded. We watched as Mitsuru ran his knife across, scoring it back and forth many times, so fast, yet so perfectly. It was good, like extra crunchy jelly fish.
scallop robe.jpg

I’m really curious as to how long it will take before there are no more new pieces for me to try.
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