We didn’t get to go to Sushi Yasuda last week since we were busy with weddings and they were closed July 4th-6th so by this week I was missing my sushi meals. The familiar pieces were glorious as always and they still had new pieces to offer.

We’ve had Kuchiko several times before but always the red one, which we learned last night, is the female. This time, I got to try the male, which is white. The flavor is very much the same, but it seems to be slimmer so I prefer the female. (Sorry for the blurry pic. Didn’t bring the SLR.)

male kuchiko

Jack Mackerel has the familiar flavor of mackerel, a bit toned down, and the flesh is more slippery.

Jack Mackerel

On our last visit, Lon saw another patron having the green tea mochi ice cream so he wanted to try it this time. It’s one of the best I’ve had. It’s not too sweet, the mochi is chewy but delicate, and the unsweetened powder on top just blows it away for me. I imagine that serving it at just the right temperature is important too. It’s also a steal at $2 (with any sushi combo meal).

green tea mochi ice cream

Yukon River Salmon should be coming soon….
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