Like a standard Chinese mom, my mom gets unreasonably excited about bargains. Her friend gave her a coupon from a Chinese newspaper, granting a large sushi party platter to-go for $45 (almost $50 with tax, cash only) at Sushi Family Sushi Family.

Sushi Platter 1

There’s probably 12 rolls in here, including two shrimp tempura rolls, but the quality is just like most supermarket sushi, so-so ingredients and heavy on the rice. A large amount of the rolls were stuffed with imitation crab meat. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t expect any better than that at this price. I was just humoring my mom who was too excited about it to shoot her down.

Sushi platter 2

Even if you like bargain sushi and want quantity over quality, I wouldn’t buy the sushi here. More than half-way through eating, my brother picked up a piece, and a baby roach walked out. Yea, gross!

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