I met Lon for a quick lunch by his office yesterday and it really had to be quick, so we opted for Mangia Mangia, just a fancier version of the common NYC lunch deli. They’ve got the sandwich station, salad station, pizza station, food by the pound, and bakery goods.

We each assembled a plate to be weighed, a skimpy portion for each. Lon is trying to lose some weight and I couldn’t get comfortable with the price at $9.95 per pound. I figured I could eat more when I got home. I really wish I had a picture (which I don’t because I forgot the memory card in my camera, Doh!) to show you how just how little food cost over $18 (with a bottle of water).

I guess the natural question is, is it really really good? No. The quality ingredients are similar to the Whole Foods weighed food section but the execution ranges from equal to Whole Foods, which is pretty good stuff, to terrible. Most heart breaking was the salmon, glazed with a decent teriyaki-like sauce, but so beyond over-cooked, I imagine it was drawing moisture from my tongue and killing me. Lon also had a piece of polenta that was really intended to be a salt-lick for horses. I enjoyed the white bean salad, orecchiette salad, and a piece of beef that I fished for (to choose a rare piece), but none seemed worth $9.95 per pound. Whole Foods is $7 ish a pound right? The last straw for me was the cheapy bendy plastic utensils. When you’re charging that much, use silverware, or at least stronger plastic.

I won’t be going back.

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