Last week, I picked up some Maeda-en Matcha (Green Tea Powder) from M2M for $10, thinking this container would be full. Surprise, surprise, there was a little bag inside with roughly 3 tablespoons of powder. Granted, it smelled so good, I wanted to snort it and the color was magnetic (with any food coloring). But dang, it’s expensive.

Green tea canister Green tea powder

I made green tea ice cream, a simple way to let the flavor and aroma shine. One tablespoon of matcha made 4 servings of ice cream. Again, I was thinking, dang this stuff is expensive. Then everyone tasted the ice cream and it suddenly seamed worth it. This was a definite winner, a sophisticated green tea ice cream, worthy of an upscale Japanese restaurant.

green tea ice cream

I will likely try some cheaper options to compare. Stay tuned!

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