Jessie, Lon, and I arrived at Lan Japanese Restaurant Lan Japanese Restaurant first, all very hungry, so we had an appetizer while waiting for Olivia. None of us cared for the Home-made Prawn Dumplings. We didn’t know they would have water chestnuts in them, and it so happens, all three of us hate water chestnuts. Aside, the shrimp were a bit over-cooked, the wrapper had dry spots, but luckily this was the only dish, we really didn’t like.

shrimp dumplings.jpg

Olivia arrived just in time for the Crab Salad, which was truly inventive: using Uni as the binder to hold the fresh crab meat together, gently cupped by expertly sliced avocado, and sprinkled with a perky Japanese pepper. All four of us gave thumbs up.
Crab Salad

Next, we received an enticing glass plate with two pairings, and we proceeded to argue about which one was better. Clearly both were winners. Lon favored the Seared Tuna topped with Foie Gras and drizzled with honey. So tender, a world of flavors, so balanced, all was right in the world at that moment. I admit this was a genius pairing.
Tuna and Foie

I think I happened to favor the Wagyu and Uni piece more just because it is two things I love, all in one. The Wagyu is so beefy, and for someone who already loves beef, wagyu is beefy heaven. The Uni was undeniably fresh, creamy, and clean, and just a little colder than the waygu, which created a wonderful sensation in my mouth.
Wagyu and Uni

The Spider Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll were both executed well, nicely cooked and crunchy, but not unique, certainly something you could find in ten other restaurants.
Spider Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll

The Wagyu Sushi was absolute heaven to me. Tender, perfectly seasoned pieces of ultra beefiness, with the aroma of barbecue, topped with fried garlic. I am definitely going back for these.

Wagyu Sushi

The Miso Infused Foie Gras was also quite impressive. The warm and rich foie gras paired well with the light daikon. Sandwiched in between was a wonderful sweet paste, possibly bean based (unfortunately, we forgot to ask), and the whole sat in a pool of admirably rich stock. I’m not usually the biggest fan of foie gras but this was such a balanced preparation, a zen-like experience.

Miso Infused Foie

As with most (I’d say 80%) restaurants, the entrees are not as good as the appetizers. They weren’t bad and certainly generously portioned, just not as amazing as our starters. Lon chose the Sliced Rib Eye over Saffron Rice, which was pretty average.
Rib Eye on Saffron Rice

My Roasted Lamb Chops with Sesame Mustard Crust were pretty good. The quality of the meat was far better than any lamb chops I’ve had lately, but the garlic soy sauce was exceedingly salty. A nice array of simple vegetables propped it up from underneath, but underneath the veggies sat the gummiest mashed potatoes (tinted green) ever.
Sesame Crusted Lamb Chops

The Grilled Red Snapper and Grilled Rice Ball in Dashi Broth was a traditional Japanese dish of subtle flavors, but no one seemed interested. The fish was just a bit fishy and the rice a bit dry and crumbly.

Red Snapper

The Black Cod Saikyo Miso Infusion with Poached Egg and Cream Miso Foam is one of their better entrees. Each component well executed, very tender fish (a little sweet for me), beautifully poached egg, clean vegetables, yet the combination did not wow us. The golden runny yolk could have done more for a less oily fish.
Black Cod and Poached Egg

We ended with a Green Tea Tiramisu that did not live up to the name. It was really green tea ice cream with some dry biscuit/cookies, topped with not identifiable marscapone cream, and green tea powder.
Green Tea Tiramisu

A few misses, but overall the dinner was enjoyable for all. The presentation was excellent and our waiter was informative and descriptive, making very good recommendations. The prices were reasonable considering the quantity we ordered and the quality of ingredients used, $60 per person including tax and tip. I will likely be back, for a meal of only appetizers, highlighting Wagyu beef.
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