Lamarca Lamarca is my friend Hilary’s favorite restaurant. She wanted us, her running buddies, to try the place she goes to for her carb-loading dinners. Aside from a couple of eccentricities, Lamarca has a certain charm. The tip cannot be paid on credit card. They’re not open on the weekends and on working days, the restaurant closes at 10PM. The decor is simply unnoticeable, yet still feels clean, and thank goodness for restaurants with enough light so you can actually see your food.

They have a simple formula here. Most of the menu is pasta, in two price groups, $15.50 and $17. (Some of the $17 dishes are only available on certain days.) That comes with a perfect roll, hard and crusty on the outside, dense and chewy on the inside, and a nice salad. The dressing is unique, almost like a chunky chimichurri.


I ordered the Chitarrucci con Salsa Aurora, recommended on a few on-line reviews. I really enjoyed the fresh square-cut linguine, my first experience of this shape. The sauce was similar to a vodka sauce but topped with smoked mozzarella. The combination worked well together but there was only enough smoked mozzarella for 2-3 bites and the sauce was sweeter than my preference.

Chitarucci Aurora

Before ordering, Nicole and I talked about how Arrabiatta was rarely ever spicy at most restaurants. They’re all probably worried about what American palettes can handle (which ultimately kills Thai food in this city). To our surprise, her Orecchiette all’ Arrabiata had a nice kick.

orechiette arabiatta

Hilary had the Gemelli alla Ciociara, one of my favorite pasta shapes, in a simple sauce of olives, onions, and peppers.

Gemelli alla Ciociara

Tracy’s Linguine Sette Sapori was the restaurants healthy offering, a light preparation of tomato, herbs and spices, garlic and olive oil, with just a bit of cheese. The pasta was wider than what I would call linguine but it was great, al dente and flavorful.

Linguini Sette Sapori

Overall, my impression was that the pasta itself was always great, fresh and cooked just right. The sauces varied between pretty standard to pretty good, which ultimately makes Lamarca, a safe bet. The prices are reasonable and everyone should be satisfied, but no one will be blown away.

I rarely make repeat visits since I always prefer to try new restaurants (and my list is really long), but if Hilary wanted me to go with her, I’d gladly go again.

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