Last night I was incredibly thirsty, so I started poking around the fridge and remembered the bottle of Fuensanta, a sparkling, natural mineral water that was Inside the Despana Basket.

Fuesanta Bottle

I removed the bottle cap, making rare use out of the bottle-cap opening feature of our Oxo can opener. After a few sips of the water, the extreme level of carbonation was a bit too much, even though the taste of the water was great (very clean).

So back to the basket I went, this time stumbling upon the container of Cola Cao (on Wikipedia for those of you who aren’t fluent in Spanish).

Cola Cao Container

After reading online about how difficult it is to dissolve the super chocolatey mix in some whole milk, I took a swig. It is delicious: sweet and rich, very similar to Ovaltine. So, what to do next?

Make a Spanish Egg Cream! Oy!! I rapidly stirred in the Fuensanta, the chocolate(ish) milk foamed up to the top of the glass, and I had one of my favorite drinks. Jessica had never really tasted one before, and decided it wasn’t for her. But it hit the spot for me. After chewing a few lactase pills, I enjoyed that egg cream slowly.

Egg Cream
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