I had assumed that Chistorra would be just like all the different shapes of Chorizo in our Despana basket. It looked similar except longer and narrower in shape, and I didn’t pay attention to the name on the package till writing this post. It’s funny because I was thinking how it was very much a chorizo but just a bit spicier and a bit smokier. I loved it and it seemed to go perfectly in our brunch. I just looked it up and it turns out Chistorra is a Chorizo breakfast sausage. Hooray!


We grilled them and plated them with a salad and my Mexican Inspired Benedict as the main attraction. From the bottom up, it was my go-to Mexican Cornbread (grilled), then my Roasted Poblano Black Beans (made with bacon), sliced avocado, an over-easy egg, tomato concasse on top.
Mexican brunch

I dreamed up the combination yesterday and hoped it would work. It couldn’t have been better. Lon and our brunch guests raved! I’m definitely serving this exact brunch again!
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