Today was another one of those bulk shopping days in Queens. The reward is lunch with mom, who is so into our blog these days, every time I see her, she feels like she needs to show me a new place. Gala Manor Gala Manor is a pretty large restaurant and yet I had never noticed it before somehow. Generally the dim sum wasn’t that memorable but I have two little notes to give.

1. There was one unique dish, a chicken and watercress filled Shu Mai, which was pretty good. I love that all these dim sum places are now trying to get inventive.

Watercress and chicken dumplings

2. The air conditioning was blasting inside the restaurant and while I was waiting for my mom to arrive, I was thinking to myself – oh no, what if all the food is cold? It was definitely a surprise that most dishes were fresh and hot.

Nothing was bad, but nothing was memorable. My top choices in Flushing are still Dong Yi Feng and Jade Asian Restaurant.

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