Do you remember our visit to Wildwood BBQ a few months ago? Well for Steve and my birthday today, a few of us went back again (after watching The Dark Knight, which was exceptional, albeit ridiculously long). Except for me and Jessica, it was everyone’s first visit. The food got the same solid reviews as last time. The ribs are good, perhaps best most have had in NYC (although Steve noted that Dallas BBQ is a great deal at $10 — although I think the service and environment are atrocious); the beef brisket is delicious; the appetizers are all a treat and most of the sides are pretty great.

One change I was let down by was that the Creamed Spinach I loved so much last time are far more creamy and less spinach-y, oh well. Some things we hoped would changed did not. Like the mac ‘n’ cheese still had no flavor. And finally, some things got better! The desserts were less sweet and still huge. We really enjoyed all five we tasted. My personal favorite was the Carrot Cake. Generally, I can’t stand carrot cake, but theirs was the best! A close second were the Peanut Butter S’mores.

Afterwards, we were all stuffed, and had to be rolled out.

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