We had Sarah and Tim over for brunch and the sweethearts brought us some sweets. The cupcakes from Batch Bakery Batch Bakery were enticing. I couldn’t wait to dig in.

cupcakes from batch

Tim and I favored the Yuzu Lemon, strongly exhibiting both flavors in a refreshing and perky way. The soft frosting and moist cake were in just the right proportions. I usually have to wipe half of the frosting off.
Yuzu lemon

Lon’s favorite was the Strawberry Coconut, with the pretty sparkles. While I agree that the flavor was wonderful, a very natural strawberry flavor, it was too sweet for me.
strawberry coconut cupcake

The chocolate cupcake with green tea frosting was the most disappointing. The cake was fine but the green tea frosting tasted more like seaweed.
green tea chocolate

The Chocolate Dragon Devil’s Food Cupcake was so close to being great, a rich and dark chocolate, not too sweet, but sadly the frosting was a bit powdery. Interestingly, Lon pointed out how each frosting had a different consistency. Again the chocolate being powdery, the green tea was very wet, the strawberry coconut was stretchy, kind of like that Turkish ice cream we had in Kasadasi. Only the Lemon Yuzu was more of a standard sugar frosting.
chocolate dragon

We also tried a Chocolate Pecan dense cake-like disc, not at all interesting. None of us could taste Yuzu in the Yuzu shortbread cookies, which were also too hard and not crumbly the way shortbread should be.
chocolate pecan tart and  yuzu shortbread

Although, the cupcakes weren’t perfect, I would definitely have the Lemon Yuzu again, and the rest teased me enough to go try some more flavors. I find the combinations interesting and I love the way the cupcakes look more natural to me than most.
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