Bacon Wrapped Asparagus is a real quick and easy crowd pleaser. I’ve made it for several parties and it’s always one of the hits. The key is to use thin asparagus. It will cook more evenly and 3 to 4 thin stalks looks better then 1 or 2 fat ones.

After you break the asparagus at it’s natural point, wash and dry. I use half a length of bacon for each asparagus bundle. (Here that means 1 slice of bacon makes 2 bundles, which for me is 8 thin stalks of asparagus.) You just wrap it around, allowing a bit of the bottom to show. Pull it tight, stretching the bacon a bit. This time I only had thick-cut bacon in my fridge but it’s actually easier and better looking with regular bacon.

bacon wrapped asparagus 2

You can wrap these the night before and then when guests come, just lay them in a hot pan, browning all side of the bacon. Done!
bacon wrapped asparagus 3
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