On the last day of our honeymoon, we had to eat breakfast (same buffet) at 5am in the morning because Princess Cruise Lines forced us to meet at 5:30am in the lobby, to have us arrive at the airport at 7am, for a flight that was at 11:55am. We couldn’t even check in till 9am so we had to sit by the entrance of the airport for two hours, before our 3 hour wait. I did pack up a bunch of stuff (croissant, danish, muffin, apple, small box of raisin bran) to munch on in the airport, more out of boredom than hunger.

I decided not to get into the airplane food because it’s not that interesting. Let’s just say, the food on British Airways was slightly better than the food on Lufthansa (on our way there), but it was still recognizably airplane food.

We landed in New York a bit passed 6pm and got home close to 8pm. By now, we had been awake for 22 hours already. We were hungry and I really missed Chinese food. Unfortunately, the closest we have to Chinese food by us is Sammy’s Noodle Shop Sammy’s Noodle Shop. (Generally, I stick to the noodle and dumpling stuff.) They do have very fast delivery! The weird thing is that most of it tasted very different. Did they change chefs/owners?

The one thing that tasted the same was their scallion pancakes which are doughy and not layer-y, as they should be. I don’t like them but Lon eats it. The pork dumplings, which we’ve had many times, definitely tasted different. They were smaller. The dough had less spring to it, bordering on gummy, and the meat didn’t taste fresh. (Sorry, pics of these were blurry.)

We also ordered a Chicken Pad Thai that didn’t even taste like Asian food. Actually, it didn’t taste like anything.

pad thai

The worst was the Dza-Jiang Mien (they call it Noodles with Bean Paste and Minced Meat Sauce) which I’ve had before at Sammy’s. There was no bean paste in it, which means it just tasted like minced meat in soy sauce and sugar, again, that did not taste fresh. The noodles were over-cooked and mushy. It was really terrible.

Dza-jang mien

Sammy’s used to come close to Chinese food, at least their dumpling and noodle dishes were passable. Now I feel left with nothing. I’m going to have to move.

BTW, thanks everyone for joining us on our honeymoon. We love sharing with all of you. We both weighed in at 5lbs heavier than before our trip. Sadly, 5 lbs on me (a short 5’3″) is more than 5 lbs on Lon. Stay tuned for more eating adventures!

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