Thank you to Julia at Backcounter Buffet for passing on the Sweet Home Blogger Award to us. Your blog has really improved since we first read and really shows the life of a busy mom that accomplishes work and feeding her family healthy, affordable meals. Congratulations to you too!

I now have the honor of passing on this award and since I awarded some of my favorite food blogs last time (the E award), I have decided to award two new blogs I have grown fond of since then.

And the awards go to…..

Dr. Food – a blog about food, gardening, and sustainable living. If you live in an apartment like I do, you can taste vicariously the home-grown fruits and vegetables, and pick up some recipes on the way.

Asianmommy – a blog written for by an Asian mom, sharing lots of great info that I will need when I become an Asian mom. I already skim through the book reviews, toy or program reviews, profiles on other moms, language corner, and more, keeping little mental notes as I prepare for the future.

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