We missed Sushi Yasuda Sushi Yasuda so much. As soon as we got back from the honeymoon, we made reservations. I was extra excited to go this time because we brought a gift for Chef Tomura. I had read that it was common in Japan for patrons to bring gifts to their sushi chefs. Since then, I had been plotting to bring him back something from Greece, olive oil!

As soon as we sat down, I noticed something on the menu we hadn’t seen before, Tripletail. If you’re one to eat with your eyes, this is one eye-catching piece of fish. The translucent flesh, bordered by a strip of magenta, is firm and has more bounce than most white fish. We both loved it.

triple tail

Flying Fish, which comes from Japan, was another interesting texture. As you bite in, it is again firm, but also shreds. You could pull it apart like cooked chicken.

flying fish

My last piece was Squid Fin. It is much more delicate than the body of the squid which is nice because there is almost no resistance to biting through. (Each piece of sushi usually takes me more than 1 bite.)

squid fin

Of course, we made reservations for next week before leaving. Ahh, home sweet home!
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