I think this is visit #14 to Sushi Yasuda. (I forgot to number it last time.) I can’t believe I still always have new fish to write about. Tonight, we had Tarpon, the red colored one on the left. Depending on the part of the fish, the flesh ranges from deep red to almost purple, a very striking piece. It tastes very much like non-fatty tuna but the meat is more loosely packed together. Blackfish, on the right, is actually a pinkish colored flesh inside and tastes much like other white fish.

Tarpon and blackfish

Octopus eggs is one of the most unique pieces I’ve ever had. The tiny eggs are packed so tightly together that it tastes like one piece. The eggs don’t have much flavor on their own, but it is paired with a shiso leaf and sweetened with something, making the overall taste very different from most nigiri. It ended up being too sweet for me but I’m still glad I tried it, especially since it’s only available once a year.

Octopus eggs

Sadly, Sushi Yasuda is closed July 4th and 5th next week so we may not get our weekly treat.
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