Our rehearsal dinner was at Dong Yi Feng Dong Yi Feng, a Chinese banquet style meal of ten courses, for each of our five tables, seating ten people each. With all the excitement, I forgot to take pictures of a few dishes. I’m sure you can understand. The first course was a really unique chopped clam dish served in lettuce wraps and hoisin sauce. I heard several people saying something like, this is good, what is it? haha. Next was one of Lon’s favorites, Fried Jumbo Shrimp covered in a Mayo Sauce with Candied Walnuts. The snap of these over-sized shrimp excited me, while Lon was fascinated with the Fried Milk, these cripsy little nuggets with creamy centers.

walnut shrimp

The soup…imagine egg drop with pieces of beef and lots of cilantro.

Beef Egg Drop Soup

At a Chinese banquet, fresh killed fish, meaning just pulled out of the tank and prepared, is very important. These were steamed with scallions and ginger with just a drop of soy sauce. Simple preparations are best for such fresh fish.

Fresh killed fish

One of my favorite dishes since childhood has been Tender Veal with Chinese Broccoli, and it seems to have done well with Lon’s groomsmen.


The Lobster in Black Bean Sauce was of course a hit, so perfectly cooked.

Lobster in Black Bean Sauce

Crispy Skin Chicken is really a specialty of Cantonese restaurants. To get such juicy meat and such crispy is a difficult day long process.

Crispy Skin Chicken

Gotta have your veggies so why not have the best. I love snow pea shoots. They have the flavor of snow peas but come in the form of tender leafy greens.

Pea Shoots

I forgot to take pictures of the last two dishes. By now I was very full and making my rounds around the tables to talk to people. I did get a bite of the fried rice with chicken and salted fish, but never came close to the vegetarian noodles since I was off taking a picture with everyone.

The day after the wedding, we had a dim sum brunch at Jade Asian Restaurant before seeing some of our out-of-town guests off. Sorry no pics, I think I was still half asleep. That didn’t stop my mom from challenging my table (filled with our age group) to a challenge against her table (of her age group) to see who could eat more. Their table won but in all fairness, we had less people at our table. The third table ate the least. That’s you Kasi & Stephen!

We’ll get food pics from the wedding up in a week or two.

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