We missed Stephen’s birthday during our honeymoon so we had to celebrate as soon as we got back. We ended up in my old high school neighborhood, at One Fish Two Fish One Fish Two Fish. Wow, does the area look different. The restaurant feels spacious, which is a rare pleasure in Manhattan when you’re back is usually up against a strangers. Unlimited salad, 1 basket of garlic bread per table, and one side dish is included. They started out with a good impression.

Sadly, the food did not impress but I’m not complaining to loudly because it was cheap and you get what you pay for. There was a wonderful aroma of garlic that we assume was coming from the garlic bread. Oddly, the bread tasted buttered, but not garlicky at all.

garlic bread

Kasi ordered the Cheesy Garlic Bread too, which also did not taste like garlic. The red sauce was ok but the cheese and bread were amazingly uninteresting to me, and most know that I love melted cheese on bread with an obscene passion.

cheesy garlic bread

Stephen’s Clam Chowder was quite amusing. When a spoon stands up in your soup, it is now warm clam dip. Ask for some chips.

clam chowder

I ordered Broiled Flounder with French Fries as my side. The French Fries were thin and crispy and the only item I would recommend ordering. The large portion of flounder was fresh but didn’t taste like anything. Half way through, I realized I was supposed to eat it with the white sauce provided so I gave it a shot. It was sort of like tartar sauce, but really sweet, like tartar frosting. Everyone thought I was exaggerating because I have a low tolerance for sweet food but when they all tasted it they agreed, it was indeed tartar frosting.

flounder and fries

Lon ordered a mixed seafood plate with crab legs, some fish, and stuffed shrimp. The stuffed shrimp was good, compared to the rest, which was just acceptable. Lon wasn’t too happy about everything sitting in a pool of butter either.

mixed seafood

We ended with Pecan Pie, a standard overly sweet supermarket kind, and a Key Lime Pie, which seemed to be favored ( I couldn’t try it since it might be colored).

pecan pie

If you want cheap seafood, head over to One Fish, Two Fish. It’s comparable to Red Lobster, but a little nicer looking. It’s not my kind of food since I’m picky so you won’t see me there.
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