olive o il from Greece

We brought back several different bottles of olive oil from our honeymoon. This bottle of Kolimvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil was recommended to us by a store employee who seemed confident that this one was better than all the rest. It was made in Iraklio, Crete, Greece, where he believes the best olive oil comes from.

We were ecstatic upon tasting it. It was indeed full and fruity, smooth, and could make your eyes roll back into your head. For the last three nights, we’ve been eating way too much bread because of this incredible olive oil. I seriously crave it all day long. It’s insane. I was never the type to dip my bread in olive oil, probably because the olive oil here is just not worth the calories. I usually opt to just eat the bread plain, which I really like. But no, the bread basket will never be the same to me, ever again.

We couldn’t find this online anywhere, but the bottle lists the email address voskakis {a t} hol { dot } gr (sorry for the funny format, but that will help the recipient avoid spam and a phone number of +30-2810-381990.

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