I’m generally bored of the modern look these days but Ippudo Ippudo manages to have that clean modern look, without feeling stale. $13 and up seems steep for a bowl of noodles, but I figured I would just try it once.

My assumptions were all wrong. I was expecting a glorified version of the ramen packets you get at Asian markets…you know, those 75 cents dry ramen bags (which I admit I like), jazzed up with some pork and vegetables, served in a fancy bowl. Forget that image completely. This was a bowl of fresh chewy noodles in a rich and robust stock, richer than any Japanese soup I’ve ever had. I ordered the “Modern” version which has the addition of a garlic paste and Ippudo’s special sauce. It seemed like the perfect winter comfort food, a bit heavy for the current weather, but I was still impressed. A wonderful slice of Berkshire pork, seaweed, scallions, and pieces of minced pork all added to my enjoyment. It was something new to me.

modern ramen

I looked over at my friend Sara, enjoying the original recipe. The broth was rich enough on it’s own and more suitable for summer. You can see how both soups are opaque. It definitely makes you feel like you got your money’s worth.


For $3 more during lunch, you can get a tiny salad and the choice of rice with pork, or rice with cod fish roe. I chose the cod fish roe which was delicious stirred up with the rice, seaweed, shredded cabbage, and mayo sauce. The tiny roe smear like a paste. The pink color looks like shimmery sparkles on your rice and the smooth brininess just melts on your tongue.
cod fish roe

The other option for extending your meal is an extra serving of noodles. I did have soup left over so I would’ve paid the $3 for more noodles if I hadn’t gotten the codfish roe bowl. I was certainly full.

The meal at Ippudo was enlightening. I had never had Japanese food like this before but I’m glad I now have. I will be back with Lon of course.

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