Drum roll please…..The Despana basket included the famous Jamon Iberico. Lon and I have been talking about getting this special, imported cured ham, but with busy wedding plans, it had slipped our minds. Lucky us, who finally got to try this delicious meat. The flavor is like a combination of Serrano and Prosciutto, really good ones, with very even flavor throughout. The texture is closer to prosciutto but seems to have a stronger elasticity. It’s amazing how it seems to melt in your mouth, yet gives a bit of resistance to the bite. Needless to say, we really enjoyed it.

You could just sit there, eating the thin slices with your head dipped back. That’s how some of the slices disappeared. Last night, I decided to serve it with thinly sliced honey dew and canteloupe. The melons were perfectly ripe and fork tender, making a perfect pairing. (btw, we ate an entire loaf of bread sopping up that olive oil we got from Greece.)

Jamon Iberico

Just in case your curious about the rest of dinner, I decided on several small plates. I did a simple saute of asparagus, onions, and chorizo. We’ve had this chorizo from Despana before so I didn’t feature it, but it is really good. They’re the little ones, the size of cocktail wieners. You need to get some!

chorizo and asparagus

We had left-over nova, so I sliced some rustic Italian bread, topped it with a slice of nova, threw on capers, red onions, and tomato concasse. Fast and refreshing.

Nova toasts

I’ve been craving Greek Salad since we came back from Greece so I tried to replicate it. Looks pretty close huh? I found some great cucumbers at the farmer’s market but the tomatoes and onions didn’t come close to the ones in Mykonos.
Greek Salad

I found some Greek Feta which was pretty good but again, not like at Mykonos.
Greek Feta

It was one of those meals where we smiled the whole way through. Everything was delicious but to top it off, it was the first meal I prepared for Lon as his wife.
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