I was so excited to try the big ball of cheese in the basket, the Afuega’l Pitu. This one was the red variety made with paprika and/or cayenne. The texture looked great, similar to fresh goat cheese. I was planning on spreading it everywhere.

Afuega'l Pitu

I noticed a little blue spot on top but it was small so I just cut it off and proceeded with my tasting. Alas, it tasted off, overly pungent, reminiscent of cleaning solution, and then there was a tingle on my tongue like when apple cider goes bad and starts tasting carbonated. So I waited for Lon to come home to see if he thought it went bad and after a taste or two, we decided to call Despana.

The gentlemen answering the phone at Despana didn’t seem to think it had gone bad. I described the blue spot and the tingling and he seemed to explain it away so I guess I have now found a cheese which I do not like. This is a very sad realization for me since cheese has always been my BFF.

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