I am pretty much against eating dim sum in Chinatown/Manhattan these days but it was the convenient thing to do for 7 people on our way to New Jersey. We tried Grand Harmony Grand Harmony and the short version of it is, it’s not very good. We forgot the camera in the car but nothing looked that appealing anyway. Several plates were cold or room temperature. The fish balls (according to Lon and my mom cause I don’t like them) were more starch than fish. The shrimp wrapped in rice noodles had good chewy dough but the shrimp were pretty small. The duck feet were acceptable. There was some dumpling we got with very hard, dry skin. The beef ribs were clumpy and fatty (much more than the usual), pretty gross. None of us were too satisfied so we headed to a bakery for some bread in case people got hungry in the car.

For dim sum, stick to Flushing/Queens.

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