We woke up later than I had hoped but we really needed the sleep. We went to the Horizon Buffet for a quick breakfast where the offerings weren’t that enticing. Lon picked up some pates from a large selection but didn’t really enjoy them. The rest was pretty standard buffet stuff, bacon, scrambled eggs, bread. (Not posting pics of this due to bad bandwidth. Only posting best ones.)

Again, the donut (this one was like a fresh zeppole) ended up being the favorite for both of us. It’s going to be really bad if their donuts are their best item. By day 12, I may be ten pounds heavier. The Eggs Benedict was over-cooked and their was a layer of fake American cheese on top, yuck. The strawberries looked pretty but were a bit sour.

I asked for an egg white omelet with cheese, onions, mushrooms, and tomato. It was just ok but by now I’m not expecting much anymore. I’ll just have to get good food off the boat.

Internet Cafe Stop
We stopped at an internet cafe and ordered some drinks. The funny thing is that they came with branded glasses. My Jamnica sparkling water was poured into a Jamnica glass and Lon’s Orangina came with an Orangina glass. And I thought America was the land of branding.

Casa Croatica
We happened upon a little shop of olive oils, vinegars, and a few sweets. We sampled the various olive oils and chose a bottle to bring home.

Lunch at Konoba
Dubrovnik is a coastal town so of course we had seafood. The Grilled Squid were SO amazing!! Lon and I couldn’t stop gushing over the flavors. It was so simple, just perfectly grilled and sitting in olive oil, garlic, a little lemon and parsley. The secret is that the squid itself is bursting with flavor, in a way no squid does in New York.

The Seafood Risotto, or what they call risotto, is actually more soupy. I enjoyed it because of the intense seafood tomato broth but Lon wasn’t as happy with it. The shell-on shrimp were a bit over-cooked but I was still in love. We ate tons of bread too, which was spongey and perfect for soaking up the olive oil and drippings from the squid.

On top of the best meal we’ve had so far, the view was amazing. We sat in the open air, looking at water, the boats, and the mountains. The honeymoon was starting to feel a lot more romantic.

After lunch, we later stumbled across a cliffside bar which was just breathtaking. It looked like something out of a movie, different levels of flat ground placed into the rocks, each barely large enough to hold a table and a few chairs, where people chat and drank, looking out into the water.

Back on the boat, we did a little sunbathing on the deck as our ship pulled out of port. We found out that Caribe Cafe was supposed to be a premium buffet as opposed to Horizon, the regular one. We were pretty disappointed to find that it was just as sad looking. The prosciutto was really salty, without real flavor. The mozzarella was presented nicely but tasted so odd. It tasted like lettuce, possibly from sitting on the lettuce, it had apparently absorbed that flavor. The lasagna was edible, the gnocchi was almost edible, and the shrimp was over-cooked, which you could have guessed since it’s sitting on a buffet. The zucchini was bitter and this looks like a sad dinner doesn’t it?

Again, dessert did a lot better, and again, this is going to be a problem. We ended up eating more espresso cheesecake, Tiramisu, and Frutti di Bosco than any real dinner food.

We were still hungry so Lon grabbed a cheeseburger from the Trident Grill. It was sustenance. I waited till a little later and just had some fruit and cheese. Ehh…just barely acceptable but I was satiated, although not mentally satisfied.

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