We went for the buffet for breakfast again since I wanted to hop off the boat as quickly as possible. There was a selection of sliced meats this time. I had some prosciutto and black forest ham, which were ok (I know I’ve been wearing out the word “ok”, but that’s really the best way to describe most of the food on this boat). I had some fruit and decided to call that breakfast. Lon had oatmeal and donuts.

In Corfu, it’s over a 2 mile walk to get to the historic district, where except for the church bells, it was pretty quiet because it was Sunday. We still managed a little shopping and picked up a circular spinach pastry that was out of this world. The phyllo was flaky yet not too oily. The outside lightly crunched while the inside layers were soft and buttery giving way to the soft filling of spinach, onion, and dill. The flavors were fresh and perfectly balanced. This is what I came to Greece for.

The restaurant recommended by Chris, a local jeweler, provided a dream-like setting for al fresco dining, in the town center, covered in bright florals. Harris, Chris’ silver-haired cousin, and owner took our order. We shared tzaziki, made with the creamiest yogurt, freshest cucumbers, and the most refreshing dill. The fresh garlic had bite without being harsh. The bread itself seemed ordinary but paired well with the tzaziki.

The Sea Bass was supposedly pulled out of the water at 7am that morning and we believe it. You could taste how fresh it was and such fish needs only olive oil and a bit of seasoning. The potatoes were poached perfectly and flavored with, you guessed it, olive oil.

The Shrimp Saganaki was perfectly tender shrimp, sitting in an amazing sauce. Think vodka sauce, but with the tang of feta, and some herbs to make it more refreshing.

We loved this meal but it was extremely expensive (approx $70 lunch) and we were a bit annoyed that we were charged for the bread (4 Euros), an obvious tourist trap, which we did not order and figured it was complimentary like at any other restaurant.

Afternoon Snack
We ate lunch really early so Lon was hungry when we got back on the ship. We had a little afternoon snack from the buffet, some beef tartare, steak, lamb ragout with penne, herbed french fries, mac & cheese, and fennel gratin. None were that interesting.

Dinner was better than usual on the boat tonight, still not exceptional but a bit better. We started with scallop ceviche which was overly peppery and the scallop muscles were left in, but still enjoyable and refreshing.

I had a second appetizer, a simple salad with cherry tomatoes and yellow beets, but the ingredients were fresher this evening. Lon ordered two entrees and treated the Fetuccine Alfredo as an appetizer. The pasta was a little thick but still it was fresh pasta, with a nicely balanced sauce. The presentation, served in a parmesan bowl, was lovely, but it was too soft/chewy to eat.

My entree was an Asian-style Duck Breast, which was over-cooked and a bit chewy, but the flavor was nice and not too sweet as I had expected. The portion was enormous.

Lon had the Crawfish Etouffe, where the rice was under-cooked, but he really enjoyed the spicy and flavorful crawfish.

Dessert was again, quite good. The Grand Marnier Souffle was more delicate than the Hazelnut souffle I had the night before — good job! Lon’s Raspberry and Hazelnut Soft Nougat was exactly what he was hoping for: not too sweet, plenty of flavor, and no hard nougat that would crush the cake. Unfortunately, it was served with a cool whip-like topping.

As we ate dinner we discussed our shared hope for future meals to continue to improve like this. We wondered if Princess Cruise’s strategy was to start off with mediocre food and end on a high note? We’ll let you know.

We packed in a full night: starting with another game show hosted by Assistant Cruise Director Martin. He seems consistently entertaining. Afterwards we considered taking a Salsa class, but instead opted for a late snack of fruit and desserts. We then headed off to a show all about shoes (this one was for Angie). Before the show started, I sipped a Cappuccino from the pay bar. It was ok, but I’ll stick to buying my coffee off the boat.

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