There’s so many Chinese bakeries these days, it’s hard to know which ones to go to. For that, I have my mom, who always knows what’s good in the realm of Chinese foods, especially in Queens. After brunch on Monday, my mom drove us to Carnation Bakery Carnation Bakery, one of our favorites. It is out of the way, and not within walking distance of a train station but if you have a car, you might want to head out there.

Their bakery buns are so popular that they are being freshly baked continuously. You can see and smell the great stuff coming out of their ovens at any time you go. They’re also a bit larger than the average bun and not any more expensive.

One of my favorites is the Ruosong Bun. The pork floss is encased in soft and doughy bread, with a lightly buttery and flaky top.

pork floss bun

Lon loves the hot dog buns. The soft and elastic bun around the hot dog is way better than the average hot dog bun.

hot dog bun

A new version with scallions is even better!

hot dog scallion bun

The croissant looked so good but I didn’t like it that much. Stick to the Chinese stuff. We tried not to buy too many but some of my other favorites are their Coconut Bun and their Red Bean Bun!


If you haven’t gone to a Chinese Bakery yet, you’re truly missing a whole subset of food. Mmmm…..Chinese Bakery Buns.

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